Ahead of his home debut we sat down with Evan Galvin to ask about how he is finding live at Cabinteely FC since signing as well looking ahead to this Friday’s match against UCD. Evan made his Cabo debut in the away match against UCD but in the following match, away to Shelbourne, he picked up a calf injury that sidelined him for 6 weeks. After returning as a sub last week against Athlone, Galvin is delighted to be back available for selection and to finally get to play at Stradbrook as a Cabinteely player. He has played at Stradbrook before however, he lined out, and scored, for Waterford United in a 1-1 draw towards the end of the 2015 season. The former Burnley and Irish international then moved to Cobh Ramblers in his native Cork before signing for Cabinteely.

Cabo fans may remember Evan from this match last year for Waterford in a 1-1 draw when he put in a man of the match display and scored Waterford’s goal from range. Video courtesy of ‘Travel with the blues’ Youtube channel.


How are you finding live at Cabinteely FC? What has impressed you the most since signing?

“I’m really enjoying it at Cabo, mainly because the way we want to try and play. A lot of teams love the idea of passing the ball until mistakes are made but the staff here are actually committed to playing the right way. I have been at three League of Ireland clubs and Cabinteely is without a doubt the best for any young player. I do believe I can adapt to whatever style of play a manager wants but as a technical footballer the way Eddie and the staff want to play is music to my ears, and by far the most enjoyable. The whole set up here is brilliant both on the pitch with the coaching to off the pitch with the media side of things etc.”

Has anyone in the squad in particular stood out for you since signing?

“There is a lot of quality throughout the squad but I wouldn’t like to name anyone in particular because the lads have different experiences in the game to date and some are very young but if I had to pick one then I think Aaron Brilly is a good example.”

You made your debut away against UCD but, after a long absence through injury, are only making your home debut now, coincidentally against the same opposition, what are your thoughts ahead of your home debut? How good is it to be back playing?

“It’s my home debut but every game is like an away game for me coming up from Cork. I’m looking forward to it, you put the work in midweek to enjoy the game on Friday so hopefully we get a decent crowd down to watch as well. I’m delighted to be back training and playing, I’m sick to death of the gym. Driving 3 hours to Cabo was actually a relief! I was going off my game at home. My and Mam and Dad are probably delighted to not have to listen to me as well!”

Now that you are back fit and playing, what are your goals for the rest of the season?

“My goal for the rest of the season is simple enough really, stay fit and play as many games as I can. I want to help the club win as many of the remaining games as we can and learn as much as possible from Eddie, Dave and the rest of the staff. Come the end of the season, I’m overdue a holiday, I missed Ibiza with the boys in the summer. 20 years old and I picked the M8 motorway and driving to Cabo rather than Ibiza!”

After a disappointing result away against Athlone last week, what is the mood in the team this week ahead of Friday nights home match against UCD?

“The mood ahead of Friday is no different. It shouldn’t be either. We had been playing really well up until Athlone but as Eddie said it is about consistency. You can’t be up and down like a yoyo. The positives are that we have a very young group with plenty of learning ahead so a loss like that won’t do us any harm either. Football is constantly giving you highs and lows so you have to be able to respond to it, and we plan to respond on Friday, that’s an invaluable lesson our lads need to take from Friday night.”

At only 20 years of age you are a very accomplished midfielder, what advice would you give to all of the players in our junior teams?

“The advice I would give is that you have to learn very fast and grow up quickly. Football is a fast paced game and the environment is constantly changing. I’m only 20 myself so I have plenty to learn too but with having been in England for three years and playing for Ireland, I have learned from those experiences. Technical ability is great if you are only going to be a 5-a-side player, the most important thing is what’s between the ears. I’ve had plenty of rejection since I was 13 or 14 and I’ve seen players who I thought were players, break mentally at their first taste of rejection so character is the most important thing. You either keep going or you break.”

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